Sprouts Preschool has adopted the following children’s bill of rights (adapted from the book “It’s ok not to share, and other renegade rules for raising competent and compassionate kids by Heather Shumaker)

Each child has:

A right to unstructured free play (as we know this is how best children learn about the world around them).

A right to choose his/her own playmates.  (Not everyone has to be friends).

A right to feel (and be) safe.

A right not to have things taken from him/her (forced sharing).

A right to move, be active and use their body throughout the day. (Children aren’t meant to sit still)!

A right to be outside. (As often, and for as long as possible).

A right to experience and express the full range of his/her emotions. (It’s ok to be mad/sad!)

A right to guidance in how to handle his/her emotions. (How we handle being mad/sad).

A right to ask questions. (Why?! Is a GREAT question!)

A right to stand up for themselves by setting limits on another child’s behavior. (It’s ok to say STOP when something bothers you!)

A right to be listened to, be respected and have these rights supported.

A right to grow at his/her own unique pace. (Every child develops uniquely)


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