With a rising number of schools, from preschool programs to high schools, cutting physical fitness and recess time out of their programs, where are children going to learn the basics of sports and get the exercise they need to grow healthy bodies and minds?


Fit Kids 360 is a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, non competitive, varied fitness class developed by a licensed personal trainer with a masters degree in education, and implemented at Sprouts Preschool.


It is designed to incorporate the child as a whole- mind, body and spirit. With fun 1:1 instruction of dance, yoga, cardio and more!


Fit Kids 360 focuses on learning and fun.


They will run, jump, throw, catch, learn an overview of various sports and gain fundamental skills, as well as learn good sportsmanship.


I am excited to offer this amazing opportunity and share my love of nutrition, health and fitness with my group!





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